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Are online purchases safe?

Yes, as long as some precautions are taken. When making purchases over the internet, it is important to do so from secure https web pages where the padlock appears. One of the first things you should take care of in online transactions is that you must not provide your credit and debit card details along with CVV Code or CVC Code.

Electronic commerce: What is CVV?

Before we begin, indicate that this is perhaps the concept of the most names has. Almost every manufacturer uses a different name with an acronym. Let's look at all the examples we have seen:

CVV: The most common in all the cards. Card Verification Value.

CSC: Card Security Code, is the most common name in the USA. 

CVC: Card Verification Code

CVD: Card Verification Data

CVN: Card Verification Number

SPN: Signature Panel Code

V-Code: Verification Code

CVVC: The strangest and funniest of all: Card Verification Value Code.

But whatever the name is, it's always the same. A card issuer can use CVV, and at the same time a payment system speaks of CVC, but both refer to the same value. So deep down they are all the same.

There is a special one, which is the CID (Card Identification Code) that AMEX usually uses, or also sometimes called UCC (Unique Card Code), although it has little of its own. They are 4 digits that are printed in front of the AMEX cards. This, although AMEX uses it for the same purpose as CVV Code, it is not the same. The AMEX is also behind the CVV.

Another thing to note:

It is advisable to know the web pages from which these types of transactions are carried out. And above all, to trust them, but if that is not the case, it is best to look for reviews and opinions online about it before providing them with our data.

Another recommendation that experts usually make is to keep the cache clean. Deleting the data from our browser regularly will help nobody to falsify or duplicate the data with which we have operated online through the internet.

Normally we do not use CVV code in our day to day, but when we make purchases online it is very important to keep it in mind.

The CVV is the security code present on all credit and debit cards. This code serves to validate our purchases online and certify that the user has the card. They are usually 3 or 4 digits. And they can be on the front or back of the card.

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