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Mobile Apps Security Testing

Mobile Apps Security Testing

Mobile applications just like any other technology require precise security testing in order to prevent security breaches and enhance the user experience. Mobile pentesting is a service offered by leading testing companies in the industry, such as Hacken. The mobile environment requires specialized testing, which includes evaluating client safety, web security, hardware, and more.

Penetration testing for mobile programs is crucial to locate any potential weak spots, loopholes, breaches, etc., before offering an application to users. This is an important step in any application development, as such testing allows tweaking the code, design, and other parts of the app before actually releasing it. Just like with smart contract auditing services, mobile pen testing saves companies a lot of money, as the losses that might occur because of data theft will be much higher than the cost of specialized testing.

The Benefits of Mobile Penetration Testing

Hacken specialists have years of experience in mobile testing. Each step of mobile app testing is coordinated with the customers to ensure that everything goes smoothly and the app users are not inconvenienced in any way. When requesting an app pen testing, each client will be recommended a specific application to test based on their security level. Even after running all the tests, Hacken keeps in touch to offer further improvement for applications.

Each mobile pen testing process involves the following stages:

  • Preparation;
  • Evaluation;
  • Exploitation;
  • Reporting.

First, a pen testing specialist gathers information about the app. Next, each app is evaluated to see whether there are potential weaknesses. After discovering certain breaches, specialists work with these weaknesses to test them in various scenarios. After all the necessary tests are performed, the testing team provides detailed reports with the results of their work. Each discovered weakness is described thoroughly, including its potential threat for the application. Special recommendations are also provided to solve all discovered issues.