Elastika: Blog Elastika: Blog https://www.elastika.org/blog/ Copyright by Elastika en Elastika Fri, 30 Oct 2020 06:47:37 -0400 Vertex Exchange Introduces Global Trading Platform to Help Crypto Communities Sell Tokens at All Time High Prices Hong Kong, October 20, 2020 - Vertex Exchange has announced that its global community-oriented trading platform will be officially launched on October 20, 2020.

Vertex Exchange aims to be the leading global trading platform that merges all altcoin communities from around the world to form one main crypto community trading with only one native token of its kind - the Vertex Token (VTX).

Vertex Exchange is built with a mission to merge and unite global altcoin crypto communities and allow users to monetize approved ERC20 tokens by swapping them to VTX at their respective ATH (All Time High) prices, then selling them via a unique trading system that seeks to ensure price stability and liquidity. Since all crypto tokens in various markets have one thing in common, that they are tradable as they have monetary value, the concept of Vertex Exchange was first mooted to allow crypto communities to work together by swapping tokens and performing trades on one unified platform.

The crypto market is well perceived to be highly volatile. It is not unusual that with every peak price of a crypto token, comes a huge down. To date, many token prices have slumped to a fraction of their peak prices. To help token holders recover their losses, Vertex Exchange’s unique trading mechanism will bring about a new breakthrough for all global crypto communities, allowing token owners to monetize at higher values. Functioning as an “automated market” with attractive platform rewards to incentivize users when they participate in daily tasks, Vertex Exchange’s distinct feature is to automatically create a sell order for VTX at a higher pre-determined price whenever a buy order is performed. As the number of tokens listed on Vertex Exchange increases, the value of VTX will also increase, resulting in higher demands and trading volumes.

Targeting to attract massive communities of established crypto tokens, the launch of Vertex Exchange will be one that is highly anticipated by global crypto enthusiasts. To enhance engagement with users, crypto communities will be able to participate as minters who can vote for their favourite ERC20 tokens to be listed on the Vertex Exchange. Through this platform, active traders may also be rewarded with a portion of transaction fees earned from every trade.

Interested parties may visit its official website:  https://vtx.exchange/ to sign up.

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What Determines Cryptocurrency Price?

This is one of the most common questions asked by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Decentralized cryptocurrencies resist censorship and they do have their value dictated by some specific factors. Before you use a platform like investous.com to make a crypto investment, it is vital that you understand what drives cryptocurrency price. The most important factors to analyze are the following.


The technology that was used to create the cryptocurrency is vital. If the technology is flawed, it is impossible for the crypto to gain real value.


Cryptocurrencies are digital in nature so coding bugs can exist. For instance, there was an Ethereum smart contract that had a huge flaw in the past. It was exploited, leading to $30 million being stolen by a hacker. This eventually led to ETH being split into 2 versions. One had the bug and the other did not.

Number Of Nodes

Node count is important because it indicates cryptocurrency value. This is a measurement of the number of active wallets that exist in a network. Such information is really easy to find online.

When you analyze node count you quickly understand the strength of the community behind the cryptocurrency. If there are more nodes present, you look at a stronger community. If the community is stronger, it can go over crises faster.

Rising Demand

When a cryptocurrency is being adopted by companies and becomes more popular, countries and governments react. As demand grows, more people learn about the cryptocurrency and start to consider buying.

As with anything in the financial market, demand and supply influence value. For instance, in the event that more people want to buy BTC, the price goes up. The opposite also applies.

Remember that cryptocurrency supply is limited. This is why increased popularity always leads to prices going up. However, when there is a scandal that affects a coin, demand goes down. This leads to prices going down.

Mass Adoption

Whenever the currency gains adoption, value goes up. This happens because of the limited nature of cryptocurrencies. A demand increase leads to price increase. As the cryptocurrency can be used in a real-world scenario, people learn about it and more will buy.


When a government wants to regulate a cryptocurrency, it means that the digital asset reached a mainstream status. While regulations can lead to an unwanted situation in which cryptocurrencies are centralized, they do have a huge impact on price.

Critics claim that transactions are going to be controlled and reduced due to regulations. However, if regulations are in place, the value of a cryptocurrency does go up.


The factors mentioned above have a clear impact on cryptocurrency value. Usually, they do have an effect at the same time. This can easily lead to values changing really fast. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and price corrections can always appear. Due to this, you need to be really careful when you invest in cryptocurrencies. Only invest the money that you can afford to lose. Do not take out loans or buy cryptocurrencies with funds that can negatively impact your financial well-being.

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Which ICOs Should You Watch as 2019 Comes to a Close? Although the ICO industry is not at the levels seen in 2017-2018, blockchain-based startups continue to come with innovative ideas to disrupt various industries. With an unlimited number of potential applications, this means there could be value in some projects, which is why we want to talk about a few interesting projects that will take place in the not too distant future.

This material should not be regarded as a certainty and each individual should do his own research before deciding to invest in any ICO project. Without further due, let’s some the project which may have the potential to become top crypto currencies.

Scopuly (SCOP)

Developed by a company based in Switzerland, is an interesting project based on the Stellar platform. This is an IEO that will take place between November 1st – November 15th, 2019, and will have the SCOP token at its core. Based on the information available at the time of writing, the Scopuly platform will be designed to perform several important tasks.

Using it, people will be able to store, receive/send, trade different types of crypto assets in a decentralized manner, make fiat withdrawals, and analyze the most important data stored in the Stellar blockchain.

The Stellar platform had been chosen for this project due to its ability to perform fast, reliable, and low-cost transactions for a large number of users. They will be able to store and instantly transfer crypto-related assets, issue their own crypto currencies, launch IEO campaigns, invest in other IEOs and trade crypto assets on a decentralized SDEX exchange in real-time.

With the software solution provided by Scopuly, people can store, spend, pay and exchange crypto assets in a convenient and safe way. The company wants to sell 4 billion SCOP tokens, which represents 40% of the total supply. According to the information available on icomarks.com,  XLM, ETH, BTC, USD, EUR, and RUB payments will be accepted during the IEO. The current IEO price of the SCOP token is 0.7 XLM and a bonus structure of up to 10% had been set in place.

Diagon (DGN)

Diagon is an ICO project put in place by a Cyprus-based company that wants to disrupt the eSports ecosystem. Based on the Ethereum blockchain and with an ERC-20 compliant token, the company wants to offer a new way investors can generate returns for eSports.

This is an upcoming decentralized ecosystem that will enable people from all around the world to test their capabilities and participate in 1v1 or group vs. group matches for prominent online games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Destiny 2, Fortnite, and others.

The Diagon Coin (DGN) will be the one powering the blockchain and with it, investors will be able to perform various transactions like gaming, trading, as well as making virtual and real purchases.

Based on the information available on diagon.io, the total token supply is 200 million DGN and the company wants to sell 150 million during the ICO. The price of one DGN coin had been set at $0.2 and the public sale will start on November 12th, ending on February 24th, 2020. The soft cap is $2 million and the project gest relatively high marks on all the major ICO platforms. If you are a huge gaming fan, this could be an opportunity to get involved in a project that resonates with what you’re doing in your spare time.


Although the time frame when this project will take place had not been provided yet, SMSCHAIN is another ICO coming with a very interesting idea. The project wants to design and create a reliable interconnected framework between Telecom companies,             on one hand, which will deliver A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS through users wanting to exchange unused SMS for financial rewards.

The project is developed by a company based in Russia and will run on the Ethereum platform. The token SMSTO will be powering the network and based on the latest information, 1000 SMSTO will be valued at 2.8 ETH during the pre-sale, and 2.6-3.33 ETH during the ICO. The soft cap is 37000 ETH and the hard cap 175609.

70% of the total supply (100 million SMSTO) will be available for sale, but at the time of writing, the company did not provide exactly when the fundraising will take place. The SMSCHAIN project has decent rating on industry websites, especially when it comes to team proof.

This is a company that wants to operate in the A2P industry, which is estimated to reach $70 billion in revenue by 2020. Whether or not SMSCHAIN will manage to deliver on its promises is still unknown, but the team behind the project managed to nail a niche with high potential for growth.

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Can the MeterQubes ICO Innovate the Decentralized Trading World? Although the industry did not manage to perform as it did in 2017-2018, ICOs had managed to raise substantial funding during the first half of 2019. The latest statistics show that around $2 billion had been raised by blockchain-based startups, as investors felt more confident once most of the cryptocurrencies recovered this year.

As long as the market sentiment will not deteriorate meaningfully, new companies wanting to raise funding via ICOs might benefit during the second half of the year. Activity in the crypto space continues to be diverse. People are willing to trade with Atecs Capital and other trading platforms, invest in crypto-related futures, and explore the benefit of using derivatives into this market.

MeterQubes ICO pending in the fall

After an encouraging first half of the year, activity in the ICO industry could bring new innovative blockchain ideas. It may be the case with the MeterQubes ICO which is due on September 8th.

Conducted on Coinsbit, the project aims for a $4 million soft cap and an $8.75 hard cap. Based in The Netherlands, it is an ERC-20 compliant project, wanting to develop an improved trading solution in the form of an AI-powered decentralized exchange.

MeterQubes want to further promote the idea of algorithmic trading into the crypto sphere, as more institutional investments are pouring into the industry. Designed for both beginners and active traders, it will be a peer-to-peer decentralized trading platform optimized with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Predictive algorithms, trading bots, algorithmic trading, sentiment analysis scores, graphs and plenty of other features will be integrated into the MeterQubes exchange. Token-to-token swaps will also be possible thanks to minimal slippage rates and a highly liquid order book.

It will be interesting to watch whether the company will manage to raise the funding required to get the project going. This is another project from the financial sector, where competition is fierce. We should acknowledge that integrating AI and Machine Learning into the trading process may be helpful, but MeterQubes must get to the level of other already-popular exchange platforms.

At the time of writing, the MeterQubes ICO enjoys high feedback, with industry websites like icomarks.com and trackico.io offering impressive ratings. The fact that the fundraising process will take place on an exchange may be another strong point, as it will get broader exposure to people interested to invest in projects like this one.

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Crypto Options – An Alternative To Regular Crypto Trading

Crypto enthusiasts are now really happy because of the launch of Bitcoin options and futures. However, many are still not familiar with fundamentals associated with crypto options.

Bitcoin options are highly advantageous for many since they allow them to take advantage of a market that is highly volatile. This is possible through risk hedging.

If you want to dabble in the world of crypto options, first you need to learn what they are and then start trading.

Understanding Cryptocurrency Options

When looking at traditional financing, 2 option types exist and can be bought. These are “put” and “call”. The call crypto option offers you the possibility to buy a crypto asset at a strike price. The put option offers holders the possibility to sell assets at predetermined prices.

Options stand out as one of the really important tools available on the market at the moment in the traditional market. It is often used by the traders for speculation purposes. Using the option contract for trading can exceed underlying asset volumes, like in stocks. There are also numerous options that are utilized in order to hedge the risks for the participants that have a really large investment budget.

The crypto market quickly adopted the possibility of using options. However, the demand for crypto options is lower right now, especially when compared with stocks. This is mainly due to the BTC/USD trading volumes that can easily decline.

To put it as simple as possible, crypto options are contracts or financial instruments that offer you the right to sell or buy a specific cryptocurrency for a price that is predetermined, all at a future given date. Cryptocurrency options can so easily intimate the new market participants due to the use of terminology that is idiosyncratic. It is simply different from the legacy options market and the terminology that is used there, even if it is already quite complicated.

When referring to cryptocurrency, the “upside profits” options contract is very similar to the call option in Europe, a right to buy. The “downside profits” options contract is just like the put option, a right to sell.

Where Can Crypto Options Be Traded?

Crypto options are normally designated between cash-settled and bitcoin-settled markets. The most popular market at the moment is Bitmex but Okcoin and Okex are very popular alternatives.

When referring to the cash-settled crypto options, CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) enjoys a very high popularity. Its alternative is the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange).

On the whole, there are countless crypto option opportunities that are being developed and that will be available soon for interested investors. Usually, working with someone that has experience in the industry is what counts since the crypto market is highly volatile. Options can easily go up and down much faster than initially expected.

Final Thoughts

In the future, traders will be faced with a growing crypto market capitalization and various derivatives that are going to be developed. This does include cryptocurrency options. Traders will have much more power to sell and buy bitcoin in the way they want.

The last thing that needs to be said is that it is really important to choose a really good platform in the event that you want to invest in crypto options. There are always advantages and disadvantages of trading and you need to be aware of both.

Take as much time as you need to understand everything associated with crypto options and crypto trading in general. The possibility of making a lot of money in a short period of time draws many to cryptocurrency deals but this is a recipe for disaster if you do not know what you are doing.

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AI-Based ICOs Will Continue to Trend in 2019 Even though the blockchain technology could have many applications in the real economy, when it comes to companies creating new impressive ICOs there seems to be a lack of vision. We have so many projects wanting to launch cryptocurrency exchange platforms, which make us question whether the actual project will turn out to be successful enough in order to sustain the token price.

Because of that lack of new breath-taking projects, people wanting to invest in ICOs had been focusing on companies wanting to provide high-tech solutions, in particular projects who use Artificial Intelligence or other innovative technologies, used in combination with the well-known blockchain technology.

Fetch.AI surprised

Back in March, Binance’s Launchpad platform hosted new fundraising for an interesting project called Fetch.AI. It brings together machine learning, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, and decentralized ledger technology in order to create an economic internet.

Fetch.AI will be a semantic, geographic and decision-based navigation for autonomous agents to deliver seamless problem-solving. It will also provide a unique scalable ledger to support high transaction speed.

Source: pixabay.com

People were eager to invest in exchange-backed ICOs, choosing to get involved in projects features on platforms like Launchpad. Those who trade with TDS Capital or other trading platforms were also able to invest in new featured ICOs.

In the case of Fetch.AI, the project turned out to attract huge interest from retail investors, as the $6 million in hard cap was reached within minutes and almost 70 million FET tokens had been sold to Binance users.

New similar projects coming?

With Fetch.AI in the rear mirror, there are other projects who want to use AI. The Seed Token Project is an open, independent, and decentralized marketplace for developers, publishers, and other people.

The platform provides development tools, intellectual property, and a tokenized network for delivering front-ends to AI technologies. SEED actually pays consumers for their contribution to AI systems.

Even though the ICO date had not been yet provided, SEED is expected to be one of the top ICOs in the second half of 2019. The project is created by a group of experts from the industry and had already received significant media attention.

Other projects that will provide innovative and improved software solutions will be among the top-rated ICOs, as investors as looking for companies that aim to create disruptive applications – ones that could generate an increase in productivity and more effective digital systems.

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Has Blockchain Been Overhyped? Has Blockchain Been Overhyped? Who did it? This question can be answered with "yes" and "no". Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is overestimated by those who overestimate it, and underestimated by those who underestimate it -- it's as simple as that. The blockchain is a relatively new technology, which is why many entities tend to overestimate their potential or prematurely draw their global impact conclusions. However, there are other aspects that still underestimate it, even though you can hardly see them on today's crypto-chain news sites.

The healthiest way to blockchain is to accept it, have its pros and cons, and get as many benefits as possible. Many companies insist on this approach - they are implementing this technology, there is not much fuss. In general, these large companies integrate blockchain solutions with existing systems.

I also noticed that the first ad attached to your linked video is bitcoin. This is fundamentally a very secure trading base, but the actual availability of Bitcoin has been ruined by those trying to trade on the general money market -- it was meant to be replaced, not joined. Therefore, Bitcoin is hoarded as "wealth" because people have not adapted to more mentality. The purpose of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is to keep circulation, not to be locked. Those "coins" that are locked are essentially worthless, and those in circulation add value. I also think that multiple servers should be set up to classify "lost" coins so that coins that are not in circulation after the shortest time can be "mined" again.

Blockchain is just a means of tracking transactions. As far as your video is concerned, this is not the coin being traded, but the source of some information. I designed my own perpetual motion machine (a completely closed system that never drives anything, so it can't be "free energy"). If it is a free energy system, I deserve to spend time ensuring that the design is sent to the blockchain environment. No one can tamper with the original information, but everyone can share it freely.

Recently, JPMorgan Chase -- the largest bank in the United States -- published a report on blockchain and cryptocurrency. The bank's analysts said that the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has not been confirmed. Given the CEO's view of Bitcoin, such a judgment can be expected. At the end of 2017, he said that Bitcoin was a fraudulent act and he would fire any JPMorgan traders who were caught with the trading password.

But what can JP Morgan Chase analysts say about the blockchain, especially when the bank itself proposes a l l t solution through its arbitration platform? Well, the bank giant seems to be not enthusiastic about this technology. The research paper shows that there are too many hype around the blockade chain, and there will be no major changes in the next three to five years.

So if you want to find an objective answer, you can also consider JP Morgan Chase's position - yes, the blockchain is overrated, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work, or it doesn't help in many ways. This hype effect is obvious because many individuals and organizations are manipulating the entire community in order to attract capital or raise brand awareness. Think about how the riot blockchain has changed from a biotech company with a different name and how its share price suddenly jumped. There are many cases like this. A similar phenomenon has also occurred in the adoption of the Internet, and Nasdaq has made huge gains.

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The Dearth of ICOs has Detracted from Ethereum's Value Ethereum hit a record all-time high along with many of the large cap crypto currencies in December of 2017 and sold off throughout most of 2018. Crypto currencies in 2019 have flatlined, moving sideways as traders look for new information to drive the crypto currency markets.

How Did Ethereum Start?

Ethereum was launched as an experiment to test the value of a decentralized computing platform on the blockchain. The theory to be tested was a proposal of Vitalik Buterin. The launch was a crowd funding project which became on the largest in history. Ethereum was established with an 18 million dollar crowd funding campaign in the summer of 2014. The community support surrounding Ethereum provided the backdrop for the momentum to become a network where people continually want to develop their software.

How Do Initial Coin Offerings Complement Ethereum?

The Ethereum network provides a training ground for a developer to generate new initial coin offerings (ICO). As new software products are developed on Ethereum, and new coins are developed on the platform, investors use Ethereum to participate in the initial coin offerings. Instead of buying the ICO, traders are purchasing Ethereum. BAT, one of the earliest ICO success stories, drew in $35M worth of ether in 30 seconds.

When its Too Good to Be True

Once of the issues that surrounded new ICO’s was the growing scrutiny it received from regulatory bodies. Many new ICO’s did not hold weight, and as cryptocurrency trading prices soared in late 2017, regulators started clamping down. This brought up the underlying anxiety of how regulation would impact this use case of Ethereum. ICOs continued to happen, but the rally in the price of Ethereum was eliminated.

Ethereum was the platform of choice for ICOs, and the network’s smart contracts, in conjunction with a standard for smart contracts, made it easy for anyone to create a new token. This empowered new companies to collect money from investors in a way that afforded more security to investors than traditional, paper-issued shares in a company.

Unfortunately, the low barrier to entry for new coins also made it very easy for coin scammers to abuse the system and collect money from investors without having a coin. The fraudulent activity allowed scammers to make off with huge sums of money while delivering no good or service in return. Complain brought on a crackdown from the Securities and Exchange Commission which generated additional headwinds for Ethereum.

Smart Contracts Equal ICO

The way Ethereum Blockchain was created makes fundraising very efficient as all you have to do is create a smart contract to do an ICO. Every time ETH are sent to the contract address, the contract issues newly minted tokens that are automatically sent back to the sender. This is basically the same function as an investment banker, which could make IPOs obsolete in the future. In early 2018, ICO raised more than 1-billion dollars in both January and February, while prices of Ethereum remained high. The decline in the value of Ethereum has altered the landscape.

Additionally, South Korea and China which were big players in the mining and trading of a wide range of cryptocurrencies started aggressively shutting down and regulating cryptocurrency exchanges, preventing people from doing things like trading ETH or participating in ICOs. Since the great selloff of 2018, prices have traded sideways waiting for new information to drive the price.

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SocialGood Cashback Sets Up New Business Model With an expanding global commerce sector, blockchain-based companies are trying to find out new ways to bring new improvements for the benefit of all the people. Build based on a combination between the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, the SocialGood Cashback is intended to reward users with up to 20% in cash back for the products purchased from partner companies.

SG cryptocurrency and a new unique ecosystem

Developed by the Social Good Foundation, the SocialGood Cashback program is made possible through a revolutionary cryptocurrency called SocialGood (SG).

A utility token, compliant with the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, SG will have a limited supply of 210 million, a measure which intends to foster a long-term value growth. For 2019, the company plans to issue 17,727,258.918 SG tokens, out of which 10 million or 56% will be used for the Cashback program.

The value of SG token is supposed to increase because it has a limited supply and if there will be an increasing number of users wanting to get involved in the system.  In addition to that, the Social Good Foundation will reinvest funds raised during IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings), ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), and presale, in further advertisement (to increase the number of users) and in buyback-type operations, which will imply that the company will collect SG that are out in the market.

Another important step that aims to popularize SG at a global scale will require the involvement of several large exchanges. The company plans to list the cryptocurrency on several big exchanges throughout 2019, and also, sales will begin on the LATOKEN exchange, which has an estimated of $5 billion in trading volume a month. Although the foundation is based in Japan, Japanese residents will not be able to purchase tokens in the first phases of the project.

In 2018, the Social Good Foundation managed to raise $30 million from accredited investors, and it had already filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in order to be fully-compliant with regulation. Out of the $30 million raised, $10 million had already been devoted for the cash back program, which started at the beginning of March 2019.

Throughout the year, the project will continue to expand further, aiming to reach an increasing number of users willing to take place in the program. The Social Good Foundation will also launch a proprietary mobile app, in order to ensure quick access of any user to a personal account. Using the app, clients will be able to monitor their SG holdings, transfer them to an exchange platform and exchange them into fiat money.

Although companies from the commerce industry had conducted cash back programs in the past, this is the first time a company involves a cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. It is expected that operational costs will be significantly reduced, remittance fees will be omitted, and a smooth conversion to fiat currencies will be made possible.

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Can You Count On Cryptocurrency For Retirement? Are you considering adding cryptocurrency to your retirement portfolio? Is it reliable enough of an investment? Here is everything that you need to know.

You’ve probably heard the many stories of investors who are making millions of dollars from Bitcoin investments. According to Investors, if you had purchased just a $100 worth of Bitcoin in 2011, it would have been worth over $2 million today.  This teenager has amassed almost a half of a million in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He started with an investment of just $12,000.

If you are like most Americans, you probably don’t have enough saved for retirement. Maybe you got a late start on investing and are wondering if you can create your own windfall from Cryptocurrency investments.

Cryptocurrencies are a whole new class of assets. They represent some of the fastest growing and newest asset classes available. But, are they reliable enough for a retirement portfolio? Many investment professionals think so.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency. Some people believe that it is the currency of the future. Cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit because it uses cryptography for security. Bitcoin is the most popular type of cryptocurrency today. It has a market cap of more than $116 billion, according to Inc.

There are a variety of new and emerging types of cryptocurrency, including stablecoins, which are a lot less volatile than Bitcoins hence the name. Lightning Bitcoin is another type of cryptocurrency that has low transaction fees and fast transactions. Another example is Ethereum, which is used for projects that are crowdsourced.

Benefits Of Adding Cryptocurrency To Your Retirement Portfolio

Here are some of the benefits of adding cryptocurrency to your retirement investment strategy.

There Is Long-Term Growth

Although cryptocurrency is highly volatile at the moment, it looks like it might prove to be a good long-term investment. Most investments that are volatile can still be very good long-term investments, as long as you are willing to hold on for the long haul. A good example is most stocks. Many are highly volatile but good for long-term growth. Cryptocurrency is the same. Most people plan for retirement over decades. As long as you are in it for the long-haul, cryptocurrency can be a good investment.

It Adds Diversification

Most investors know that diversification is a great strategy for minimizing risk while still allowing long-term growth. Most investment professionals recommend diversifying your retirement portfolio into mutual bonds, stocks, real estate, and other assets. Exciting new assets like cryptocurrency can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. As long as you rebalance your portfolio every so often, your portfolio should continue to grow.

A Government Hedge

Cryptocurrency isn’t directly controlled by the government. This fact is what makes it such an attractive investment. Government policies can strongly impact Wall Street. Since cryptocurrency isn’t directly impacted by changes in government policy, it can move in the opposite direction of current markets, kind of similar to gold in that respect. This makes it very attractive for long-term retirement investing.

It’s Cheap

Financial gurus who are against Bitcoin argue that it is too great of a risk for a retirement account. As of May of this year, Bitcoin was selling for just over $7,000. This number represents the maximum risk. Now is the time to buy cryptocurrency while it is still relatively cheap.

Cryptocurrency is Resilient

Cryptocurrency is proving to be resilient. It had quite a tumultuous beginning. In spite of all of the ups and downs, it has not entered a death spiral as some financial experts predicted. Bitcoin has just turned ten years old and is now a hundred billion dollar market.

The Technology Is There

The future of cryptocurrency depends on having the technology to make it functional. Investors must be able to seamlessly and easily trade coins. They must also be able to exchange coins for other assets.

Experts believe that the technology needed to support cryptocurrency trading will increase in coming years. In fact, much of the technology is already there. More and more retirement platforms are allowing cryptocurrency trading. It is already becoming a lot more accessible.

The Bottom Line

Only you can decide whether or not Bitcoin as a smart investment idea. You should talk to your accountant or financial advisor for specific advice. The important thing to keep in mind is that the IRS relies upon taxpayers to track and pay taxes on cryptocurrencies. Therefore you should talk with your CPA or tax accountant for advice. Check out this blog post to learn the differences between a tax accountant vs CPA.

Want more helpful information and advice for everyday life? Check out this site to learn the difference between chapter 7 vs chapter 11 bankruptcy. Click here to learn how to stop robocalls once and for all. Check out this article on DUI attorney marketing.


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Prepping for a Cryptocurrency World: China Edition

Over the past year, the cryptocurrency market took a series of heavy punches from the Chinese government. The market took the hits like a warrior, but the combos have taken its toll in many cryptocurrency investors. The market lackluster performance in 2018 pales in comparison to its stellar thousand-percent gains in 2017.

What has happened?

Since 2013, the Chinese government have taken measures to regulate cryptocurrency, but nothing compared to what was enforced in 2017. (Check out this article for a detailed analysis of the official notice issued by the Chinese government)

2017 was a banner year for the cryptocurrency market with all the attention and growth it has achieved. The extreme price volatility forced the Central bank to adopt more extreme measures, including the ban of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and clampdowns on domestic cryptocurrency exchanges. Soon after, mining factories in China were forced to close down, citing excessive electricity consumption. Many exchanges and factories have relocated overseas to avoid regulations but remained accessible to Chinese investors. Nonetheless, they still fail to escape the claws of the Chinese Dragon.

In the latest series of government-led efforts to monitor and ban cryptocurrency trading among Chinese investors, China extended its "Eagle Eye" to monitor foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. Companies and bank accounts suspected of carrying out transactions with foreign crypto-exchanges and related activities are subjected to measures from limiting withdrawal limits to freezing of accounts. There have even been ongoing rumors among the Chinese community of more extreme measures to be enforced on foreign platforms that allow trading among Chinese investors.

"As for whether there will be further regulatory measures, we will have to wait for orders from the higher authorities." Excerpts from an interview with team leader of the China's Public Information Network Security Supervision agency under the Ministry of Public Security, 28th February


Imagine your child investing his or her savings to invest in a digital product (in this case, cryptocurrency) that he or she has no way of verifying its authenticity and value. He or she could get lucky and strike it rich, or lose it all when the crypto-bubble burst. Now scale that to millions of Chinese citizens and we are talking about billions of Chinese Yuan.

The market is full of scams and pointless ICOs. (I'm sure you have heard news of people sending coins to random addresses with the promise of doubling their investments and ICOs that simply don't make sense). Many unsavvy investors are in it for the money and would care less about the technology and innovation behind it. The value of many cryptocurrencies is derived from market speculation. During the crypto-boom in 2017, participate in any ICO with either a famous advisor onboard, a promising team or a decent hype and you are guaranteed at least 3X your investments.

A lack of understanding of the firm and the technology behind it, combined with the proliferation of ICOs, is a recipe for disaster. Members of the Central bank reports that almost 90% of the ICOs are fraudulent or involves illegal fundraising. In my opinion, the Chinese government wants to ensure that cryptocurrency remains 'controllable' and not too big to fail within the Chinese community. China is taking the right steps towards a safer, more regulated cryptocurrency world, albeit aggressive and controversial. In fact, it might be the best move the country has taken in decades.

Will China issue an ultimatum and make cryptocurrency illegal? I highly doubt so since it is pretty pointless to do so. Currently, financial institutions are banned from holding any crypto assets while individuals are allowed to but are barred from carrying out any forms of trading.

A State-run Cryptocurrency Exchange?

At the annual "Two Sessions" (Named because two major parties- National People's Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPCC) both take part in the forum)held on the first week of March, leaders congregate to discuss about the latest issues and make necessary law amendments.

Wang Pengjie, a member of the NPCC dabbled into the prospects of a state-run digital asset trading platform as well as initiate educational projects on blockchain and cryptocurrency in China. However, the proposed platform would require a authenticated account to allow trading.

"With the establishment of related regulations and the co-operation of the People's Bank of China (PBoC) and China Securities Regulatory Commission(CSRC), a regulated and efficient cryptocurrency exchange platform would serve as a formal way for companies to raise funds (through ICOs) and investors to hold their digital assets and achieve capital appreciation" Excerpts of Wang Pengjie presentation at the Two Sessions.

The March towards a Blockchain Nation

Governments and central banks worldwide have struggled to grapple with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies; but one thing is sure, all have embraced blockchain.

Despite the cryptocurrency crackdown, blockchain has been gaining popularity and adoption in various levels. The Chinese government have been supporting blockchain initiatives and embracing the technology. In fact, the People's Bank of China (PBoC) have been working on a digital currency and have conducted mock transactions with some of the country's commercial banks. It is still unconfirmed if the digital currency will be decentralized and offer features of cryptocurrency like anonymity and immutability. It wouldn't come as a surprise if it turns out to be just a digital Chinese Yuan given that anonymity is the last thing that China wants in their country. However, created as a close substitute of the Chinese Yuan, the digital currency will be subjected to existing monetary policies and laws.

People's Bank of China Governor, Zhou Xiaochuan. Source: CNBC

"Lots of cryptocurrencies have seen explosive growth which can bring significant negative impact on consumers and retail investors. We don't like (cryptocurrency) products that make use of the huge opportunity for speculation that gives people the illusion of getting rich overnight" Excerpts from Zhou Xiaochuan interview on Friday, 9th March.

On a media appearance on Friday, 9th March, Governor of People's Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan criticized cryptocurrency projects that leveraged on the crypto-boom to cash in and fuel market speculation. He also noted that development of the digital currency is 'technologically inevitable'

On a regional level, many Chinese cities have are driving blockchain initiatives to promote growth in their region. Hangzhou, renown for being the headquarters of Alibaba, have stated blockchain technology to be one of the city's top priorities in 2018. The local government in Chengdu city have also been proposed the building of an incubation center to foster the adoption of blockchain technology in the city's financial services.

Local conglomerates such Tencent and Alibaba have also formed partnership with blockchain firms or initiated projects on their own. Blockchain firms such as VeChain have also secured multiple partnerships with Chinese firms to improve supply chain transparency in China.

All clues point to the fact that China is working towards a blockchain nation. China has always had a open mentality to emergent technologies such as mobile payment and Artificial Intelligence. Henceforth, it is without a doubt that China will be the first blockchain-enabled country. Will we see the Chinese government backing down and let its citizens trade again? Probably, when the market has matured and is less volatile but definitely not in 2018.

I'm currently a student studying in Shanghai. As a tech enthusiast, I'm excited about the tech scene in China. Do contact me at chewweichun94@gmail.com for any working opportunities!

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How Cryptocurrencies Are Adding Complexity to the Divorce Process

If you don't personally invest in cryptocurrency, then it's likely that at this point you have friends, family members, or colleagues who do. Cryptocurrencies have risen from a very niche market to becoming nearly fully mainstream, and they've done so in a very short amount of time. Now that they're so ubiquitous, there's a new question to wrangle with, and that's the matter of how cryptocurrencies are handled in the divorce process.

Determining and distributing financial assets, as well as determining alimony payments, are central issues to be resolved during the majority of divorce proceedings. There are many tools at an attorney's disposal for the disclosure of financial assets, however when you combine Bitcoin and divorce, you're left with something entirely new.

Handling Bitcoin and divorce is different from handling other financial assets for several huge reasons. One is the sheer volatility of their value. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been known to undergo absolutely wild swings, both up and down, in value. Therefore, value either needs to continue to be tracked and updated on the fly, or set at a particular time, when it could end up being worth something much different down the line. In either instance, it's a less than ideal circumstance for determining and distributing assets or setting alimony.

Another key issue to understand between cryptocurrency and divorce is that these markets and their transactions were designed to be both anonymous and secure. Looking up the holdings, accounts, or transactions of an individual is not the same as looking into a bank account, retirement account, or stock portfolio. The traceability of an individual's crypto accounts will be difficult at best, and whether or not the courts put any subpoena power behind that remains unclear at this time.

Clearly this is only the beginning of the issue of Bitcoin and divorce, because all cryptocurrencies are still on the rise. As more people begin or continue to use them, and they become more common and accepted, how they're handled as financial assets during divorce proceedings will continue to be in the spotlight. It's the fact that they rose so quickly to begin with that has left many people off guard today with how to treat them in such matters. Keep in mind, Bitcoin was launched less than a decade ago.

As always, be sure to consult with an experienced professional in your local area. While there's still much uncertainty about how Bitcoin and divorce will be treated, and what types of rulings may await us in the future, an experienced divorce attorney will be able to guide you through the process, and offer insight into the areas of financial discovery and all aspects of a pending case.

When you're ready to find a new divorce attorney in Maryland, visit the Law Offices of Brandon Bernstein, LLC, at BrandonBernsteinLaw.com. Mr. Bernstein is a 5-time Super Lawyers Rising Stars award winner in Maryland, and his firm is ready to help you as your Maryland family law attorney.

This article does not represent legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. Always consult with an attorney before making any legal or financial decisions.

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How Blockchain Is Changing Corporate Giving

The blockchain refers to a public ledger technology in which each cryptocurrency transaction is digitally signed to confirm its originality and ensure that the information therein is not tampered with. As such, the operations recorded on the blockchain and the ledger itself are considered to be of the highest level of integrity.

In the early days of cryptocurrency, people thought that blockchain was all about bitcoin. Today, it is fast becoming evident that the technology is about more than just bitcoin, or digital currencies for that matter. But while blockchain has the potential to revolutionize nearly every industry, nowhere will its impact be more pronounced than in charitable giving.

For charity organizations, blockchain presents a rare window for transparency and honesty, which could help make them more trustworthy in the eyes of backers. Some of the problems that nonprofits grapple with involve lack of accountability for how money is spent and transparency. Donors are sometimes reluctant to give because they cannot be sure where their funds are going to or who they are helping with their donation. Over time, such concerns can cause them to become disenchanted.

This makes it hard for charity organizations to attract sponsors or retain them. However, blockchain is fast raising trust in the system by showing philanthropists where their money is going. The technology achieves this by making the system wholly transparent and information, easily accessible. Here's how blockchain enhances transparency and trust in charities:

  • Funds go directly to the cause donors are contributing towards. Thanks to blockchain technology, donations need not pass through intermediaries any more. Instead, they go straight to the recipients and the companies that are in a position to assist them. This help ensures that there's less room for fraud or financial leakage in the system and that monies aren't going into the wrong pockets. The result is that donors feel more encouraged to give.
  • All transactions are traceable. Distributed ledgers can be used to track transactions. Such improved traceability makes it easier to monitor how funds are being spent. As a result, donors can see even from a distance, how their funds ended up helping the people that charity foundations claim to assist.
  • Blockchain makes it easier to tell well-intentioned organizations apart from fraudulent ones. Since donations made using cryptocurrencies can be traced, it becomes easier for donors to identify the organizations that are furthering their cause from those that only seek to enrich a few individuals. This way, they get to know the right charities to work with.
Overall, blockchain and cryptocurrency will help ensure efficiency and give backers confidence that their donation is being put toward the cause that they support.

Well-intentioned organizations need to embrace the technology if they plan to improve transparency as well as track and transfer funds quickly. It is for all these reasons that platforms such as Sponsy seek to help Businesses to deliver greater transparency and trust through the blockchain technology.

Chris Bouchard is a strategic consultant who works with non-profit leaders and social entrepreneurs to apply concepts and techniques to identify complex strategic issues, find practical solutions, and devise strategies to create and win a unique strategic position. He also offers project development, proposal writing, and project evaluation services.

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2018 Is the Year of the Masternodes Cryptocurrencies

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are in the news headlines everyday. The properties that make these cryptocurrencies unique is their abilities to act as a store of value, and lightning quick transfer speeds, or at least with the introduction of the lightning network for Bitcoin, and Ethereum' Casper switch to pos and its smart contract capabilities allow cryptocurrencies to be more than just money. Now Masternodes coins are all the rage due to the added incentive it gives to owning a percentage of a certain currency.

If you could imagine your good old blue faced hundred dollar bill being on steroids then you would be close to imagining a masternodes coin. In the world of cryptocurrencies, proof of stake is the method of confirming transactional hash that maintains the consensus and keeps all the notes on the same page, so that there cannot be double spending of any certain transactions and all is well with the network consensus. Staking your coins is a way of utilizing the amount of currency you own and syncing your digital wallet with the network to help maintain it, and in return you receive an incentive for helping validate the transactions. To run a masternodes, one must have a set number of coins running on a network and follow the Masternodes setup instructions for whichever currency you are planning on investing in. The added incentive is amazingly more than just staking your coins, in some cases, upwards of 1500 percent annually. It is these astronomical return on investments that is really bringing a ton of attention and investment into the Masternodes market.

One crypto planning on releasing a Masternodes coin early 2019 is the Tattoo Allince Token, to be a side chain on the Egem blockchain,whichs on disrupting the tattoo industry by creating a tokenized rewards system for both people wanting to buy tattoos and the artists who look forward to applying the artwork in return for the token. I believe this will be an amazing and refreshing idea and a great way to add long term benefits for tattoo artists who up till now have no 401k or incentive program in place. I am optimistic about this crypto since it strives to achieve great rewards and add value to a cash heavy industry. I believe that alongside the Masternodes capabilities, it will also have staking and a smart contract protocol as well as offering decentralized autonomous governance and a memberships rewards program. Look for more on TAT Masternodes token, coming early next year.

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Corda Review: A Solution for All and Any Friction in the Blockchain Business

Corda is a solution to any and all the friction in the blockchain business through not only delivering on the great early promise of the blockchain technology but also addressing business needs for interoperability as well as privacy. For instance, it enables businesses to transact directly by removing the costly frictions that are involved in any business transactions. Besides, it guarantees all the business parties that they are always in sync, which in turn enables dramatic efficiency benefits for operations in the complex business.

In order to understand what the Corda project is all about, let's dig deeper looking at what it entails, its benefits, and how it achieves the privacy it promises.

What is Corda?

Briefly, Corda is an open source project in the blockchain business designed by the R3 community. With it being an outcome of the collaboration between technology partners and financial institutions, Corda was designed specifically targeting business from the start to serve various purposes. These include:

  • Directly integrate into organizations systems.
  • Facilitate a rapid deployment of new process.
  • Enable a smooth transition to new processes.
As a platform, Corda lacks any cryptocurrency built in it, but rather it is one that controls existing and proven infrastructure and technology. As such, Corda does not require mining style consensus. Such results to the presence of great cost related with little business benefit.

Benefits of Corda in the Blockchain World

Based on its above mentioned designed purpose, the blockchain world ought to celebrate Corda-for has brought into existence more positive impacts in the blockchain world. The major ones are:

  • Enabling parties to transact directly- Through its modern cryptographic techniques, Corda has ensured that direct transfer of value can effectively occur as well as systems are in agreement. These in turn help in removing costs which consequently facilitates and initiates the presence of direct transactions between parties involved.
  • Ensuring and retaining privacy over transaction history- With the retention of privacy and assurance of integrity and validity being a major challenge in the blockchain world, Corda has another reason to be celebrated for its offers a solution to the challenge. Through its various techniques, Corda provides assurance both of a transactions validity and integrity- confirming of competing and conflicting transactions in the transaction history. When doing the above, Corda also ensures that it retains privacy.
Ways That Corda Achieve Privacy

With ensuring and retaining privacy as one of its major benefit of Corda in the blockchain world, it does so through:

  • Full encryption- For this, it targets peer-to-peer network.
  • Key randomization and rotation- It will do so in conjunction with automatic identity management when aiming at de/ anonymizing transactions.
  • Intel Software Guard Extensions- Through these, Corda will enclave technology and consequently allows records to be verified at the same time remaining encrypted to all the parties involved.
  • Structuring Transactions- Corda will structure transactions in a Merkle tree which in turn helps it to allow only revealing of selective information.
Parting Shot

With costly friction being a popular and common phenomenon and a challenge in business, there is the need for the blockchain world to embrace Corda as the solution if only they need to witness great performance. Corda will remove such frictions and in turn will have aligned benefits to the blockchain world such as the presence of direct transaction between parties and retention of privacy over transaction history. As such, there is no doubt that Corda is the real solution in the blockchain world.

If you are looking for nothing but the best cryptocurrency and blockchain related articles, simply consider HIRING ME.

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How to Launch an Initial Coin Offering - Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Many people believe that cryptocurrency is the next frontier in the FinTech world. Launching an ICO can be a great mark of success for blockchain platforms. However, it also needs to overcome major hurdles that currently fragment the industry. Success requires much more than just a strong product or an excellent ICO whitepaper.

Before you embark on the journey of setting up an ICO for your business project, it's imperative that you have a general idea of how to launch an Initial Coin Offering so that you stay on the right track which takes you closer to your money raising goals. Have a look at these important questions which you must ask yourself prior to launching an Initial Coin Offering:

Are ICO Campaigns Appropriate For Every Business Type Or Niche? 
ICO campaigns may prove to be successful for some business or futile for some. A number of startup owners think that ICO is a great means to acquire funding for any project. It allows for raising funds quickly plus avoiding the expensive procedure of registering an IPO with the authoritarian agencies. For businesses to thrive in the cryptocurrency industry, the major requirement is generating worth for the users and investors. Authenticity and transparency are amongst the foundation pillars of the ICO and cryptocurrency arena.

What Should You Emphasize On Before Launching An ICO? 
The practice of many ICO campaigns shows the protection of investors, the goal interests and topics which suits the audience's interests. The business owner has to be strong-minded and should openly express his objectives and long-term goals to the audience prior to successfully launching the ICO.

How to Leverage the Team in an ICO Campaign 
From investor's point of view, a professional team working on the project is one of the most important factors when you are contributing to an Initial Coin Offering. It is essential to have a list of all the core team members with their faces plus social media profiles so that any valuable contributor can actually see the brains behind the project. However, at the same time, you may look for professionals in the industry and get them aboard as project advisors.

What Are The Important Features For ICO? 
Good timing and communication are the necessary features of ICO. It may be influential to launch your Crowdsale campaign as soon as possible. In many cases, ICOs are restricted in time so timing plays a vital role. The most important things to cover are the goals, investor's terms and the team. One more important feature of the Crowdsale campaign is PR. Ensure to stay on talking terms with your audience both previously and throughout the ICO campaign.

What Should Not Be The Ideal Practice While Running An ICO? 
When dealing with other person's money you need to make sure that you are not breaching any laws every step of the way. Thus, it is highly recommended to hire the services of a lawyer while organizing an ICO campaign. Breaking the law is just like losing the people's expectations. That's why it makes sense updating participants on the growth of your project. Also, keeping in touch with the contributors is one of the most important things you can do for the Crowdsale campaign.

Do You Have A Vision For The Future? 
Preparing for an Initial Coin Offering involved a solid vision so it's crucial for you to think about how you can reshape the future economy through the project's cryptocurrency. It is fundamental to align the short-term goals by giving a positive trading experience that maximizes the trader's profit.

Indeed, the above-mentioned questions would definitely be eye-opening before you launch an ICO. The knowledge of these important aspects and steps would solve all your queries as to how to launch an Initial Coin Offering effectively. ICO is an exciting funding mechanism and we wish you all the very best.

For more details visit: https://antiersolutions.com/ICO-development.html

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Top Cryptocurrencies for 2018: What Are the Best Bitcoin Alternatives? Important: This position should not be considered as an investment council. The author focuses on the best coins in terms of actual use and adoption, not from a financial or investment perspective.

In 2017, cryptographic markets set the new standard for simple profits. Almost every piece or chip made incredible returns. "A rising tide throws all the boats," as they say, and the end of 2017 was a deluge. The increase in prices has created a positive feedback cycle, which is attracting more and more capital into Crypto. Unfortunately, but inevitably, this galloping market is leading to a massive investment. Money has been thrown indiscriminately in all kinds of dubious projects, many of which will not bear fruit.

In the current bearish environment, hype and greed are replaced by a critical assessment and prudence. Especially for those who have lost money, marketing promises, endless shillings, and charismatic oratorios are no longer sufficient. Well, basic reasons to buy or hold a coin are Paramount once again.

Fundamental factors in the evaluation of a cryptocurrency

There are some factors that tend to conquer the hype and price pumps, at least in the long term:

Adoption Angle

Although the technology of a cryptocurrency or ICO business plan may seem surprising without users, they are just dead projects. It is often forgotten that widespread acceptance is an essential feature of money. In fact, it is estimated that over 90% of the value of Bitcoin is a function of the number of users.

While the acceptance of Fiat is entrusted by the State, the acceptance of cryptography is purely voluntary. Many factors play in the decision to accept a coin, but perhaps the most important consideration is the likelihood that others will accept the coin.


Decentralization is essential for the I push Model of a true cryptocurrency. Without decentralization, we have a little closer to a Ponzi scheme than a real cryptocurrency. Trust in individuals or institutions is the problem-a cryptocurrency tries to solve.

If the dismantling of a coin or a central controller can change the transaction record, it is questioning its basic security. The same applies to parts with unproven code that have not been thoroughly tested over the years. The more you can count on the code to function as described, regardless of human influence, the greater the security of a coin.


Valid coins strive to improve their technology, but not at the expense of safety. Real technological progress is rare because it requires a lot of expertise-and also wisdom. Although there are Always fresh ideas that can be screwed on, if doing so puts vulnerabilities or critics of the original purpose of a coin, misses the point.

Innovation such as developments in blockchain can be a difficult factor to evaluate, especially for non-technical users. However, if a currency code is stagnated or does not receive updates that deal with important issues, it can be a sign that developers are weak about ideas or motivations.


The economic incentives inherent in a currency are easier to grasp for the average person. If a coin had a large pre-mine or an ICO (initial part offer) the team held a significant share of chips, then it is quite obvious that the main motivation is the profit. By purchasing what the team offers, you play your game and enrich it. Be sure to provide a tangible and reliable value in return.

5 cryptocurrencies to buy in 2018

There has never been a better time to re-evaluate and balance a cryptographic portfolio. Based on their solid foundation, here are five pieces that I feel are worth sticking to or maybe buy at their current depressive prices (which, just warning, could go lower).

#1. Bitcoin (because of its decentralization)

The number one belongs to Bitcoin (BTC), which remains the market leader in all categories. Bitcoin has the highest price, the widest assumption, most of the security (because of the phenomenal energy consumption of Bitcoin mining), the most famous brand identity (the forks have tried to be appropriate), and most of the development Active and rational. It is also the only piece to date that is represented in the traditional markets in the form of Bitcoin futures trading on the American CME and CBOE.

Bitcoin remains the main engine; The performance of all other parts is highly correlated with the Bitcoin performance. My personal expectation is that the gap between Bitcoin and most-if not all-other parts will expand.

Bitcoin has several promising innovations in the pipeline that will soon be installed as additional layers or soft forks. Examples are the Flash system (LN), the tree, Schnorr signatures Mimblewimbleund much more.

In particular, we plan to open a new range of applications for Bitcoin, as it allows for large-scale, microtransactions and instant and secure payouts. LN is increasingly stable as users test their different possibilities with real Bitcoin. As it becomes easier to use, it can be presumed to benefit greatly from the adoption of Bitcoin.

#2. Litecoin (because of its persistence)

Litecoin (LTC) is a clone of Bitcoin with a different hash algorithm. Although Litecoin no longer has the anonymity technology of Bitcoin, amazing reports have shown that the adoption of Litecoin in the dark markets is now second, the only bitcoin. Although a currency that I have much more appropriate for the role of acquiring illegal goods and services, perhaps this presents itself as a result of the longevity of Litecoin: It was launched at the end of 2011.

Another factor in Litecoin's favor is that it integrates the Bitcoin SegWit technology, which means that Litecoin is prepared for LN. The Litecoin can benefit from an exchange of atomic chains. In other words, secure peer-to-peer trading of currencies without third parties (i.e. exchange) participation. Since Litecoin keeps its code largely synchronized with Bitcoin, it is well positioned to benefit from the technical progress of Bitcoin.

#3. Ethereum (because of intelligent contracts)

Ethereum (ETH) has some major problems at the moment. First of all, governments are cracking on ICO, and rightly so: many have turned out to be either fraudulent or bankruptcies. Since most ico run on the Ethereum network as an ERC token 20, the ICO mania has brought a lot of value to Ethereum in recent years. If the appropriate rules are taken to protect investors Ethereum projects scams can claim a certain legitimacy as a crowdfunding platform.

The second major problem facing Ethereum is the delayed transition to a new hybrid work and battery detection system. Ethereum mining GPU is currently profitable, but Bitmain has just announced Ethereum ASIC minor, which is likely to have an impact on the lower lines of GPU miners. It remains to be seen whether this will change the POW-and how successful this change is going to be.

If the Ethereum can survive these two major problems-regulation and mining-will have shown a great resilience. Otherwise, there are several competing currencies tracking its shadows, such as Ethereum Classic (etc), Cardano (ADA) and EOS.

#4. Monero (because of his anonymity)

Although its adoption in the dark markets is not all that could be expected, I (XMR) remains the privacy of the Prime Minister. His reputation and market capitalization are still above those of his rivals-and for good reason.

Monero's code requires less confidence that the Zcash "loyal" key ceremony, and had a fair start, unlike Dash. That Monero recently changed his Pow to defeat the development of a small ASIC for his algorithm confirms the commitment of the piece of mining decentralization. A significant drop in the hash rate is due to the new version, which is consistently reported against ASIC. This could also be an opportunity for GPU and even minor CPUs to get back to me. The new version of Monero, 0.12, also includes other improvements that show Monero continue to grow along sensitive lines.

#5. iPRONTO (A decentralized incubation platform)

iPRONTO is an incubation platform Ethereum chain dedicated to investors looking for a safe and reliable platform to invest in new ideas and future innovators that can present their ideas and receive opinions from users, Experts in the field on the practice and implementation of derived ideas.

The ideas of the innovators are supported as the NES in Smart Contract format will be signed between the expert platform and the customer if the business idea of the client to the Committee for the examination and registration on the platform. The idea will not be published for all users on the public platform of the chain, but only for selected members of the target community who are willing to sign the Smart contract to maintain the confidentiality of the idea.

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Online Political Election Voting System Based On Blockchain Technology

We hear about Blockchain and Bitcoin every day; however, it should be noted that Blockchain is way beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It is a platform which is being used for carrying out economic transactions in the most incorruptible way. As a matter of fact, this technology can be used not only for economic transactions but for anything of value in a virtual way. Blockchain is being used in the pharmaceutical industry, fashion and accessory industry, food safety industry, airlines industry and many more.

In a world where technology has reached a point where scientists are coming up with flying cars, why is one of the essential systems that form the government of a country still unsecured and rigged? With the advancement of technology, everything has become a lot more transparent and convenient, then why is this technology not being used to carry out easy and fair elections? In most countries, voting is a right for every adult. Then why doesn't the entire adult population of a country go ahead to vote on the Election Day? Maybe because the voting center is too far. People have to go and stand in huge lines just to cast a single vote. Some even believe that their vote doesn't count because of unfair election results.

The solution to this huge problem has finally arrived. A platform that allows blending the perfect combination of technology and politics into one. This results in the invention of Blockchain Voting. If this technology can be used for so many other purposes, why can it not be used for the most important function that is voting? Blockchain voting is an online voting platform that allows a secure, hassle-free, reliable and quick method for the sole purpose of voting for an election. Blockchain voting can completely change the way we vote for the best. It will leave no scope of doubt or question in the voter's mind.

In the modern day and age of technology, there are certain things that work best through the old ways only. However, voting is not one of those things. Voting is the process by which the citizens of a country choose their leaders. This process should be highly secure, fair and absolutely accurate; all which are the characteristics of blockchain. Blockchain Voting is immutable, transparent and cannot be hacked into in order to change the results. Blockchain Voting is an effective means to conduct elections. This will ensure that there is no voter fraud and no repetition of votes leading to a fair election. Blockchain Voting is the need of today's democratic and adult population who believes that they can bring a change in this world.

The stakeholders involved in Blockchain Voting would be same as the stakeholders in the conventional method of voting. This revolutionary change can encourage a lot of people of the vote. Anyone who has an internet connection and is an adult which means they have the right to vote is eligible to be a part of this process of Blockchain Voting.The use of this technology from a voter's point of view is very simple.

Anyone with a phone and internet access will easily be able to understand the specifications of the platform. The citizens who are voting don't have to wait in long lines and don't have to travel a lot to go and vote. This quick and hassle-free method of voting will engage more and more people to participate in the voting process and be a part of a more democratic world. This is definitely a cheaper and simpler method of conducting elections. As soon as various governments realize the importance of introducing this technology into their political environment, the better it will for nations to have easy and fair elections.

Coalichain is a decentralized governance platform, delivering effective, accountable democracy to any organization from DAOs, through companies, NGOs, municipalities and all the way to general elections, lead by co-founders Levi Samama For More Information - https://www.coalichain.io/

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Cryptocurrency: The Fintech Disruptor

Blockchains, sidechains, mining - terminologies in the clandestine world of cryptocurrency keep piling up by minutes. Although it sounds unreasonable to introduce new financial terms in an already intricate world of finance, cryptocurrencies offer a much-needed solution to one of the biggest annoyances in today's money market - security of transaction in a digital world. Cryptocurrency is a defining and disruptive innovation in the fast-moving world of fin-tech, a pertinent response to the need for a secure medium of exchange in the days of virtual transaction. In a time when deals are merely digits and numbers, cryptocurrency proposes to do exactly that!

In the most rudimentary form of the term, cryptocurrency is a proof-of-concept for alternative virtual currency that promises secured, anonymous transactions through peer-to-peer online mesh networking. The misnomer is more of a property rather than actual currency. Unlike everyday money, cryptocurrency models operate without a central authority, as a decentralized digital mechanism. In a distributed cryptocurrency mechanism, the money is issued, managed and endorsed by the collective community peer network - the continuous activity of which is known as mining on a peer's machine. Successful miners receive coins too in appreciation of their time and resources utilized. Once used, the transaction information is broadcasted to a blockchain in the network under a public-key, preventing each coin from being spent twice from the same user. The blockchain can be thought of as the cashier's register. Coins are secured behind a password-protected digital wallet representing the user.

Supply of coins in the digital currency world is pre-decided, free of manipulation, by any individual, organizations, government entities and financial institutions. The cryptocurrency system is known for its speed, as transaction activities over the digital wallets can materialize funds in a matter of minutes, compared to the traditional banking system. It is also largely irreversible by design, further bolstering the idea of anonymity and eliminating any further chances of tracing the money back to its original owner. Unfortunately, the salient features - speed, security, and anonymity - have also made crypto-coins the mode of transaction for numerous illegal trades.

Just like the money market in the real world, currency rates fluctuate in the digital coin ecosystem. Owing to the finite amount of coins, as demand for currency increases, coins inflate in value. Bitcoin is the largest and most successful cryptocurrency so far, with a market cap of $15.3 Billion, capturing 37.6% of the market and currently priced at $8,997.31. Bitcoin hit the currency market in December, 2017 by being traded at $19,783.21 per coin, before facing the sudden plunge in 2018. The fall is partly due to rise of alternative digital coins such as Ethereum, NPCcoin, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin and MintChip.

Due to hard-coded limits on their supply, cryptocurrencies are considered to follow the same principles of economics as gold - price is determined by the limited supply and the fluctuations of demand. With the constant fluctuations in the exchange rates, their sustainability still remains to be seen. Consequently, the investment in virtual currencies is more speculation at the moment than an everyday money market.

In the wake of industrial revolution, this digital currency is an indispensable part of technological disruption. From the point of a casual observer, this rise may look exciting, threatening and mysterious all at once. While some economist remain skeptical, others see it as a lightning revolution of monetary industry. Conservatively, the digital coins are going to displace roughly quarter of national currencies in the developed countries by 2030. This has already created a new asset class alongside the traditional global economy and a new set of investment vehicle will come from cryptofinance in the next years. Recently, Bitcoin may have taken a dip to give spotlight to other cryptocurrencies. But this does not signal any crash of the cryptocurrency itself. While some financial advisors emphasis over governments' role in cracking down the clandestine world to regulate the central governance mechanism, others insist on continuing the current free-flow. The more popular cryptocurrencies are, the more scrutiny and regulation they attract - a common paradox that bedevils the digital note and erodes the primary objective of its existence. Either way, the lack of intermediaries and oversight is making it remarkably attractive to the investors and causing daily commerce to change drastically. Even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) fears that cryptocurrencies will displace central banks and international banking in the near future. After 2030, regular commerce will be dominated by crypto supply chain which will offer less friction and more economic value between technologically adept buyers and sellers.

If cryptocurrency aspires to become an essential part of the existing financial system, it will have to satisfy very divergent financial, regulatory and societal criteria. It will need to be hacker-proof, consumer friendly, and heavily safeguarded to offer its fundamental benefit to the mainstream monetary system. It should preserve user anonymity without being a channel of money laundering, tax evasion and internet fraud. As these are must-haves for the digital system, it will take few more years to comprehend whether cryptocurrency will be able to compete with the real world currency in full swing. While it is likely to happen, cryptocurrency's success (or lack thereof) of tackling the challenges will determine the fortune of the monetary system in the days ahead.

Delving into the much-talked-about and hard-coded clandestine world of the next monetary system - cryptocurrency. While the digital coin offers immersive prospect and benefit to the potential investors and traders; it is yet to face numerous challenges and devise response mechanism for the future world.

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Are You Planning to Set Up Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

If we look at the most impactful development in recent times the first thing that comes to our minds without a doubt is cryptocurrency. People have made huge profits by investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and more at the right time. Many people have also managed to make a heyday by simply providing a cryptocurrency exchange platform to investors to trade cryptocurrencies.

Setting an exchange is pretty easy. but you need to know a few basic things before you start your own exchange.

Let us have a look at them -

Do you have a target audience in mind?

One of the most important things to consider before setting up any business platform is to figure out the target audience. Same is the case here.

When you are planning to set up a bitcoin exchange platform, the first thing you need to analyze and figure out is the audience that you are going to target.

For instance, in case of bitcoins, you can target both local as well as the global audience. So, you need to figure out which is your target audience and then plan with the development process. Why is this important? Well, you will get to know about it in the following sections.

Do you understand the legal terms?

The second thing you need to consider is the legal terms and conditions that you will need to follow.

There is a huge hullabaloo about the legal aspects related to cryptocurrency, but you might be amazed to know that there are 96 countries where bitcoin transactions are still unrestricted.

So, creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform while targeting these countries can prove to be the best idea.

Don't forget to always take a thorough look at the legal guidelines operational in the area from where you plan to carry out.

Do you have a partner bank?

Another thing to remember here is that you are going to need a partner bank. The simple reason behind this is that you are going to deal with financial transactions.

In order to ensure that the financial transactions are carried out in a smooth and hassle-free manner, you need to ensure that you have the right support in the form of a partner bank.

Therefore, you need to contact a few banking institutions to see if they can help you, and understand their terms and conditions.

Do you have the right partner to develop the platform?

The most important step in the process is to find the right professional who can help you develop a secure platform. Why we have specifically mentioned the term secure is because the immense popularity of cryptocurrency has made these exchanges the first target for hackers.

To make sure that your reputation does not get hit due to something unwanted you need to focus on creating a secure platform. You can easily achieve this by hiring a seasoned developer who knows all the ins and outs of the industry.

For instance, they can test the platform out by mimicking a malware attack and see how your cryptocurrency exchange platform stands against it.


This last point sums up the basic things that you need to keep in the back of your mind when planning to set up a cryptocurrency exchange platform for yourself. Once you have an answer to these questions, you can easily go ahead and get going with the development and make some profits.

But, do remember to take all the necessary legal, compliance and security measures if you want to be in this game for for a long time.

So, are you up for it?

Kyara Vedi, a Expert in cryptocurrency, is a trusted name offering you an access to indispensable knowledge regarding cryptocurrency exchange platform.For those interested in learning more about Bitcoin exchange platform development, a variety of online resources and Cryptocurrency exchange development services provide information regarding the basic.

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